SA Air Compressors


Airstream Replacement Pumps are powered by Puma and are available in single- and two-stage models. Single-stage models operate up to a maximum delivery pressure of 10 Bar and Two-stage models deliver up to 12 Bar pressure.

Designed and built for reliability, these pumps are made from the highest grade of cast-iron and the comprehensive balancing of components, coupled with low rotational speeds provide for practically vibration-free compressed air.


The efficiency of the Airstream Replacement Pumps are optimised through the use of full flow concentric valves as opposed to lower cost and shorter lasting reed valves. Large diameter fan-wheels, which direct cooling air over pump heads, intercoolers and after coolers all ensure t low running temperatures.

End float clearances on oversized taper crank bearings are controlled by a unique patented locking system.

SA Air Compressors