SA Air Compressors


We offer a wide range of portable diesel and petrol powered screw compressors from 40CPFM to 1500CFM, 3.5Bar trailer and skid mount. All models can be customised with Quchai, Yuchai, Cummins or Wechai engines to suit your requirements and budget.

Air-ends in this range of Portable Screw Compressors include GHH Rand and Detroit Air models, in sigle – and two-stage configurations. 


D-15 Impi Portable Screw Compressors are powered by the very reliable Honda GX690 V-Twin Series Engine. The GX690 is a workhorse that boasts solid performance and excellent fuel efficiency, designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions.

Power is transferred directly to the air-end via a direct drive system and there are no belts to slip or cause on-site breakdowns. The motor is coupled to the air-end by means of an aluminium cage and this helps to reduce the weight on the drive system. The oversized air-ends ensure high efficiency and a long service life.


  • Honda® GX690 Engine.
  • Direct Drive.
  • Directly Coupled SKF Bearings.
  • 12.5 Bar Pressure.
  • Low Noise & Vibration.
  • Perfectly Portable.


Compact Portable Piston Compressors are available in both gasoline and diesel variants and ranges from 4.5HP up to 13HP 3  cylinder piston configurations with tank sizes from 90L to 270L. Air Delivery from 300LPM to 1250LPM and pressures from 10Bar up to 12Bar as standard. All air pumps feature two-stages with multiple cylinders engineered from heavy duty cast-iron and can withstand demanding work conditions. 

This range offers exceptional quality and affordibility and is a firm favourite of many small and medium size enterprises.


  • CE certified pressure vessels.
  • Industrial grade engine.
  • Cast-iron crank-case.
  • Cast-iron cylinders & cylinder-heads.
  • Large flywheel for efficient cooling.
  • Automatic unloading and throttle control on select models.
  • Key start on diesel models as standard.
  • Low-rpm long life air-pump.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Very affordable spares – available off the shelf.
  • Powder-coated paint finish.
  • Multiple air-outlets.
  • Designed to fit on most LDV’s.
SA Air Compressors